More About Sherry

More About Me:

Want to know more about storyteller, Sherry Lovett?

Here are some random revealings about me in no particular order:

I’m a mother, teacher, and storyteller. I love hiking, reading, origami, and fiber work. I love communicating with people, sharing ideas, and supporting people. I am committed to compassion, and I have an ongoing love affair with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I am passionate about lots of things, but my husband and daughter top the list. I love to laugh and wish I was funnier (on purpose).  I’m a hopeless romantic and a forever optimist. I am spiritually eclectic: I believe in Love. I love to dance and watch movies. I’m a big fan of chocolate, but who isn’t, right?! I’m a happy-ending kind of girl, but I am interested in all aspects of the human condition. I cry easy, forgive easy, and love easy. I want to make the world a better place. I am committed to exploring the great mystery of my own internal space – my heart and mind. I relish yoga and consider meditation as important as breathing, which, not coincidentally, plays a big part in meditation. If I could, I would help all people realize their inner goodness. It’s in there, really! I’m an ordained minister for the purpose of officiating weddings. (I mentioned that hopeless romantic thing, right?) I’m a good listener, but too quick to want to “fix” things (I’m working on that). I love nature and feel most at peace in the woods or by the sea. Though I lived the first eighteen years of my life on a small farm in the middle of NC, I have since lived from the coast to the mountains enjoying the beauty all across the state, and discovering what Mark Twain affirmed: traveling (or living) in new places broadens your perspective. Now, I’ve got a taste for more. I need a sign: “Have stories, will travel!” But, with two ears and one mouth, it is clear, listening is the key to getting the best stories. So, what’s yours? Go!